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Dangerous Dungeon is a MyFirstGameJam submission, a fun little action RPG to delight your day.

How many rooms can you concurred with 5 minutes?! Have fun and enjoy!

Control: [A] for attack, [Array Keys] for direction movement

Remember to turn on your computer sound and enjoy the music! It is an original music written by Jacob solely for this game!

Created by Jacob Nichols and Herbert Tse.


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Dangerous Dungeon.zip 20 MB


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Herbster!! Kudos on finishing your first game! I loved the procedural generation of the levels and all the different types of enemies. Was very fun and i loved the music too! Would like to see more sound effects for things like attacks, damage hits, and death of enemies/player and even dropping/collecting health! 

Would have liked to see a re-sizable window or options to choose different resolutions.

Overall great game, and keep making games! Can't wait to play the next one!

-Lots of love, DapeachTV!

good game i liked the music and concept of the game. i rly dislike the movement key arrow keys plus a doesnt feel right to me.

Maybe you add some keybinding actions or change to the default layout of "WASD" for movement and Mouse 1 to attack.

Enjoyed the nice details, writing "Welcome" in spikes, and interesting variation of enemies for a game jam. A few things I can give feedback on:

- The movement had a lot of acceleration/deceleration, which made it hard to precision control the character around obstacles and go close to enemies to do a melee swing without walking into them. Having a easier movement system allows you to have more enemies at the player with a similar skill level, which can be more fun and chaos.

- Seems that attacking is disabled while you are invulnerable after taking damage? That felt a bit strange, standing inside a crowd of enemies and unable to attack them.

- The room with two spike sets it was hard to understand the spike pattern, one up, one down is the most common one, so you can easily predict the spikes when you a busy chasing enemies.

A nice little experience! 😊❤

Thank you for your feedback! There are lots of back and forth on the design decisions we ended up have to be compromised in... definitely a lot to improve on for the future ^^ Thanks for playing!